Services & Contact Me

Getting Started:  Please email Kevin at and let him know a little about your child and from there you can schedule a time and date to begin.

Private Sessions: Within these 45 minute sessions Kevin will utilize a variety of therapies and techniques to support, balance and activate your child.  The sessions are free flowing with good balance of playful activities/games that are combined with exercises that cross the mid line and create new neural networks in the brain.

Small Group Sessions: These hour long classes are similar to the one on one sessions but will allow for several children to be worked with simultaneously. Kevin will make sure to also spend a portion of the time one on one with your child within the framework of the class.  Class sizes range from two to six children.

Location: Eugene Yoga, 3573 Donald Street, Eugene (Northwind Studio)

Days and Times: Tuesdays and Thursdays 1:30-2:30pm