Intention of the work

The most basic desire for the majority of parents is for their children to be happy and healthy.  To be able to communicate with others.  To be able to feel a sense of community.  To be able to express their emotions, creativity and their uniqueness. My intention is to not only support the children but also the parents in this adventure.  As a parent of not one, but two special kids I have lived and learned, day by day, what it is like to be a caretaker.  The amount of patience that is required while raising these types of children can be tremendous at times and we all need some assistance.  Our central nervous systems can get overwhelmed causing higher levels of unnecessary stress. I have some tools that I look forward to sharing with the parents that can aid and assist us adults with resetting and balancing our nervous systems.  I needed outside help and I sought it when and where I felt necessary for myself and my children. I look forward to forming a bond with not only the children but energizing everything I do with strong parent interaction, creating a synergistic effect between child, parent and myself.