Kevin Wickart grew up in the Midwest, playing soccer in the suburbs of Chicago. Upon graduating college in 2003, Kevin began to coach full time as an occupation. He has worked with children in the realm of soccer for over nearly 20 years. He has spent countless hours with children and has discovered that every child is unique, and each child has a different way of processing instructions and stimuli.  Kevin is now applying this way of thinking to working with kids with special needs.

Kevin and his wife, Jacqueline, have two young boys, Xavier (6) and Oscar (3). They moved to Eugene, Oregon in the Fall of 2016.  Both Xavier and Oscar have what western medicine would label as: developmental delays, autism spectrum disorder, communication disorder and sensory processing disorder.  Through many hours of research and study, along with lots of experimenting with Xavier and Oscar, Kevin has developed a unique and effective method for children with special needs.

Supporting his kids and other specially enabled beings with this new approach has become his passion, purpose and joy. His approach is playful, intuitive, and creative. It is also supported by scientifically proven therapies. His work is inspired by Anat Baniel and Sonia Story and is a combination of the following techniques: ABM, Brain and Sensory Foundations, Rhythmic Movements, Brain Gym, Qi Gong Massage, Yoga, Jin Shin Jyutsu, and creative play.